Bianca Tyler




Three-time Award-winning Television Journalist

   News Anchor on “The Morning Mix” / Co-Anchor of the Noon News / Reporter / Producer

CBS Affiliate   WMBD-TV Channel 31   Midwest Television, Inc.

News Anchor on “CBS This Morning” / Co-Anchor & Producer

of the Noon News

CBS Affiliate   KLBK-TV Newscenter 13   Petracom Broadcasting of Texas, Inc.

News Reporter / Weather Anchor / News Anchor

ABC/CNN Affiliate  KXXV-TV  Eyewitness News 25  R.H. Drewry Broadcasting Company

 News Anchor & Producer / News Reporter / Weather Anchor

ABC Affiliate   KAVU-TV  Newscenter 25   Withers Broadcasting Company

Executive Producer / Television Host / Reporter

Room With A View Television  Channels 27 & 34  Picture This! Productions, Inc.


NBC        Channel 4        Miss America Organization

NBC        Channel 4        Crafted with Pride

CBS         Channel 2        Entertainment Tonight

CNN        Channel 25      Fashion Segment - Promotion

FOX         Channel 5       Guest Segment

WFSB       Channel 3       Live at Five - Guest

WVIT       Channel 30     Leukemia Telethon - Emcee

CPTV       Channel 49     Celebrity Auction - Emcee

News12   Channel 12     Fairfield Exchange - Guest

Metro      Channel 16     NYC Olympic Bid - Interview

WTNH      Channel 8      5:00 News Live - Guest

WTNH      Channel 8      Celebrity Telethon - E.S. Emcee

WCAT      Channel 13     Prime Time Rag - Guest

HTFD       Channel 5      Hartford Late Night - Guest

WFAC      Channel 34     Live with Bianca - Host

WFAC      Channel 34     Open Forum - Interviewer

WFAC      Channel 34     Voxpop Television - Guest

WFAC      Channel 34     MusicG Countdown - Guest VJ

WFAC      Channel 34     Within Your Reach - Guest

WMBD     Channel 31     Where Are They Now Update


Film & Industrials:

“Amistad” – Dreamworks motion picture – extra

“Stanley & Iris” – MGM/UA Motion Picture – extra

“Plot Point” – Picture this Productions Video teleplay – lead

“Finances & You” – Eventure Productions – Industrial - Narrator

Perkin-Elmer Corporation – Industrial – extra

Dumond Chemicals, Inc. – Industrial – narrator

Cyrus Enterprises, Inc. – Industrial – narrator

Texas Homebuilders Association – Industrial – narrator

Texas Magnet Schools – Industrial – narrator

Tigre Entertainment – Industrial - Spokeswoman

About Time Productions – Two Music Videos - actress

Connecticut School of Broadcasting – Industrial – interview

Creative Channels Network – Pilot Program – narrator


Commercials & Promos - Television & Radio:

Carnival Cruise Lines, Pegasus Travel, Nissan, Proctor & Gamble, Dunkin’ Donuts, Between Friends, Electric Specialty, Caldor, Stop & Shop, Subway, Mike’s Photo, Senor Panchos, Passport Travel

Print Advertising:

Chevrolet, Farricelli Salons, Debbie LaRoche Fashions, Julianne Cellucci Fashions, Chatelaine & Pyramid Stores


Bianca has appeared as a special guest on more than 35 television & radio programs and in more than 60 newspaper, journal and magazine publications in over 135 articles, photos and covers worldwide, including USA Today, NY Post, NY Daily News and The New York Times.  She is a 3-time award-winning television journalist and has been honored with 8 additional independent awards including a Citation of Excellence from the Connecticut State Senate.  As a television reporter she has had the unique opportunity to interview scores of high-profile people including Bill Clinton & George W. Bush as they journeyed on their campaign trails.  

A list of professional training, dvds, references and a press release are available upon request for your review.   


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